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Manage, Retain, and Grow Your Most Strategic and Complex Accounts

The Account Optimizer™ (AO) is a native Salesforce® app designed to simplify the maintenance and growth of even the most complex accounts via a proven account management methodology.

Account Optimizer™ will help you…

  • Manage, retain and grow strategic accounts through cross-selling and up selling.
  • Develop an executable account plan with an easy collaboration and review process.
  • Improve teamwork and communication through collaboration of team activities.

Identify Relationships Within the Organization’s Company Structure

Build a visual record of the current relationships between each of the units, subsidiaries, and departments.

Position Your Company for Success Using the AO Power Chart

Identify the influencers using decision criteria to rate each player’s power, preference, access, and role.

Identify Potential Opportunities by Uncovering Gap Areas

Map the current and historical spend of your customer to generate new Opportunities.

Manage Your Account Plan From One Place

Easily review the progress of each account planning module using the AO Dashboard.

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