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Track Performance. Coach for Elite Sales Results.

Performance Management Optimizer™ (PMO) is a native Salesforce® app designed to track individual and team performance across YOUR specific KPIs - clearly uncovering priorities for coaching and development.

Performance Management Optimizer™…

  • Builds a solid link from sales training to ROI in real time
  • Quickly identifies gaps in activity, skills and competencies
  • Improves coaching ability and effectiveness of sales managers

View Rep KPI Rankings in Real Time

Forget struggling with all the spreadsheets and multiple reports! Configured to your specific KPIs, Performance Management Optimizer will track performance across your end-to-end sales cycle – in REAL TIME.


Pipeline Analysis to Assess Performance

Sales managers and reps can quickly assess performance against pipeline goals, and pinpoint the areas that are most in need of attention to drive sales.

PMO - Performance to Plan Screenshot

Power Rankings on Leading, Leaning & Lagging KPIs

Using Sales Optimizer’s proprietary leading, leaning and lagging indicators framework, quickly rank sales reps and gain a deep understanding of the KPIs most critical for revenue growth.

PMO - Leaderboard Screenshot

Capture Performance Reviews from Within Salesforce®

Easily access reviews (and their summaries) with a click of a button – allowing you to easily measure current progress against established goals.

PO - Review Summaries Screenshot

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