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A Strategic, Powerful Tool to Increase Win Rates.

The Opportunity Optimizer™ (OO) is a highly visual, native Salesforce® app designed to simplify sales opportunity management and enhance the value and user adoption of Salesforce®

Opportunity Optimizer™…

  • Reinforces a structured sales methodology to improve win rates, margins forecasting and sales productivity
  • Offers a structured sales methodology to develop strong compelling reason to buy and differentiated business value
  • Delivers a 10-20% increase in sales productivity is typical and in most companies that translates to a 10X+ ROI in 90-days

Identify the Key Players

Graphically display the key players and their role in the decision making process – including depicting things like power and influence.

OO Player Chart Screenshot

Assess the Competitive Landscape

Based on the critical decision making criteria, you’ll always know where you stand and what you must do to increase the chances of a winning outcome.

OO Competitive Landscape Tool Screenshot

Build a Compelling Business Case

Accurately identify the most compelling drivers and clearly demonstrate the unique and differentiated business value YOU bring to the table.

OO Business Value Screenshot

Focus on High Impact Activities

Arm yourself with a plan of action focused on doing the right things, with the right people at the right time to win more deals!

OO Plan To Win Screenshot

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