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A Message from Sales Optimizer

With 2020 and the onset of COVID-19, our team is committed to focus on areas of our business to improve your Salesforce experience.

Our applications have always been a significant part of the Sales Optimizer story.  The apps have been instrumental in providing key metrics, playbooks and processes to you.  We are actively moving forward to continuously improve and to develop smarter and better functionality.  The goals of these apps are to provide winning success for our current and future clients. Our apps are ready to help you close more deals and build great opportunities through Salesforce during these challenging times.

Last year, we launched our public community to provide you with up-to-date release notes, configuration guides, and help videos. We recommend you bookmark this website for support materials related to Account Optimizer, Opportunity Optimizer, Power Chart, Performance Management Optimizer or Sales Process Optimizer. This year, we will increase our notices for your free app upgrades.  We are working hard to keep you informed and to offer you a key advantage to winning.

We hope you and your family have been safe during this time and wish you continued good health for this year. 

Please contact us for any questions regarding our apps.